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The lymphatic system does not suffer from actinomycosis, and the spread of the fungus occurs by the hematogenous route and by the germination of the granuloma into neighboring organs and tissues. In childhood, actinomycosis of the tonsils is more common. The source of spread of actinomycetes are permanent teeth, diseased milk teeth are not a source of radiant fungus.

A feature of the course of actinomycosis of bones in children is the rarity of the spread of the process from the bone to soft tissues. Clinical forms of actinomycosis.

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Actinomycosis of the maxillofacial region. Actinomycosis of the oral cavity usually occurs during the migration of saprophytic actinomycetes of the oral cavity into the injured oral mucosa. Injury can occur with sharp parts of the teeth, a fish bone, a prick with a straw, a blade of grass (may be accompanied by an exogenous drift of radiant fungus into the wound). Actinomycosis of Tadalafil oral cavity, head and neck are the most common forms of lesions by actinomycetes.

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At the place where the fungus was introduced, a characteristic purple-bluish granuloma of board-like density is formed, gradually the wall of the granuloma becomes thinner and a fistulous tract opens from which granulations can swell. The temperature reaction is usually negligible. Soreness is moderate, more often there is a sensation of a foreign body, discomfort in the affected area. Actinomycosis can affect the periosteal structures of the jaw, intermuscular spaces, spread to the muscles and skin of the face and neck. When Cialis the masticatory muscles are involved in the process, trismus of the masticatory muscles develops. Izlublemish localization of the granuloma is the angle of the lower jaw. Actinomycosis of the maxillofacial region develops slowly.

Clinically, actinomycosis in humans is divided into several forms.

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